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Uber Real Estate, The Uber For Real Estate, Displacing Real Estate.

Welcome from Uber Real Estate -TM

Uber of Real Estate

Uber Real Estate is Displacing the Real Estate Brokerage Industry and Reducing the Cost to Transact.  Uber for Real Estate is moving to a on demand model.

It is last firm that you will ever use as you are directly benefitting yourself.  Our clients have the privilege of receiving equity options in Uber Real Estate when they complete a transaction. They are in fact limited partners and lifetime clients.  Uber Real Estate provides quality and return to our customers through Supply Side Economics.  

Uber Real Estate experienced agents, brokers and attorneys have ten to thirty years of real estate experience.  We are all about execution and providing answers without drama.  We meet more active buyers and sellers in transition in a month than most other agents meet in a year.  Uber Real Estate Associates meet them or hear about them first.

Our Associates have equity participation based on performance metrics.  They have assets, skin in the game and perfect records.  Uber Real Estate, unlike other firms, agents have a built-in exit plan for retirement.  Our associates are part owners of their firm and to that extent they do not complete against others at their own firm.  Uber Real Estate Associates work together as a team, as all clients of the firm are by default, their individual benefactors. 


To Potential Partners.


Corporate & Limited Partners are welcome to contact us for relationships. 


Uber Real Estate is always on the lookout for those that have considerable experience as Real Estate Agents/ Brokers / Attorneys /Advocates that wish to work, be involved in making the next deca-corn and to grow equity in their business.  Uber Real Estate is about utilizing under-utilized human resources, putting people to work in constructive roles, creating better worker productivity, reducing inflation and transaction costs.